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August 31, 2011
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Liebestraume by endspire Liebestraume by endspire
Ende and Celes from Pandora's Tower!!! My favorite video game couple!!! :iconawwloveplz:

I love how Ende is so obviously in love with Celes throughout the whole game. He fights hundreds of monsters and risks his life every single day to break the curse on Celes without so much of a complaint. Not that he says much anyways. I think he actually speaks about ten times throughout the whole game, and everytime he says something it's kinda like... "whoa, he actually spoke!!! :O" One of my favorite cutscenes is when Celes tries to get Ende to promise her to come back home safely... and he more or less runs out of the room looking kind of scared. It's pathetic, in a cute way.

Celes is really nice too. actually she goes kind of crazy around the end of the game... it's kind of disturbing. Poor Ende. :( I really like how she sings and how her song is in most of the background music.

Celes sings a japanese version of Franz Liszt's "Liebesträume No. 3" (a beautiful piano nocturne). It means "Dreams of Love" in German (...I think. If I got that wrong, someone correct me please). Throughout the whole game, I really wish that they'd have a happy ending. It's a pity that 5/6 of the possible game endings are quite tragic. :iconcryingplz: and someone dies in 4/6 of them...

h-have a music video of the game?? [link] would be so nice if this game could be localized...

characters belong to Nintendo!
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SkyloftianKnight Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
wow! Amazing! Good job! ;)
endspire Jul 30, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Thank you! :)
*omg I watched the video and it's so sweet yet sad!!! Did the girl turn into a monster? ;A; And now I see why you drew them that way! Such a sweet way to make a promise!!!*
endspire Sep 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist

The game focuses on the characters Ende and Ceres who live in the Elysium kingdom on the continent known as Graecia. Ceres is chosen to sing at the kingdom's harvest festival, but monsters begin to attack when she goes to perform. Ende later finds her unconscious as the army comes to take her because she witnessed the beast. A merchant named Graiai helps the two escape into a tower. Later, they find out that Ceres has been cursed, and in order to lift it, Ende must use the Orichalcum Chain to obtain the flesh of the beasts that live in the 13 towers. If not, Ceres will gradually turn into a beast herself and perish.

So basically, Ende needs to get the flesh of monsters for Celes to eat and cure her of her curse. It might be important to mention that Celes is a vegetarian... OTL. The scenes with her eating the meat is just... ew. I can't look at raw meat anymore because of this game. ;__;

This game also has a love simulation element to it: As Ende, you get to build up your relationship with Celes. I think there are about... 6 possible endings? Depending on your relationship with Celes, you get different endings. All of the endings, except the perfect ending, makes me cry... ;______; I think that video has scenes from all of the possible endings, so it's a bit confusing... BUT SOMEONE DIES IN ALL OF THEM. IT SUCKS.

*coughcoughcoughahem* thanks for reading all of my ranting...
Thank you for taking your time to write all this down!!! :iconiloveyouplz:

The story sounds really interesting!
Seriously? Are they really that eww? Ahhaahaa XD
Might check this out in youtube out of pure curiosity haha XD

Different endings? Oooooh! Now that's interesting! Games like that are so cool! :la:

Someone dies in all of them? Nyuuuuuuuuu why~? :iconcryforeverplz:
Who's the developer of the game? If it's Square Enix then I'm not surprised that they kill off people x-x SE always kills someone in a game T-T

No biggie dear!! I love reading what you write! :la: Thank you again! :iconlaloveplz:


WHEN.DID.HE.GET.THAT.HOT? :iconichaincameplz:
endspire Oct 22, 2011  Student Digital Artist
ahahaha... thank you for reading! XD

H-H-HOPE????????? :iconiloveyouplz:
OH. MY. GOD. OOOOOOOOOOH GOD. thank you sooooo much for sharing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :iconlachoirplz:
No biggie!

YES YES!!! THAT'S HOPE!!! I TOTALLY CANT BELIEVE IT!!!! :icontonguewaggleplz:
You're welcome! :iconilavplz:
Ooooh this is so full of prettyness!!!! :iconrlyplz:

I love the glowing effect and the shading! And all the vibrant colors! :la:
Also that hand-connection~ It's so cute!!!!
*and hun you got it right! Liebesträume means Love-dreams, or as you said Dreams of Love X3*

I dont know the game but I'll take a look at that music video! °v°
endspire Sep 29, 2011  Student Digital Artist
yay, thank you!!!! :iconiloveyouplz:

I really want to learn Liebestraume on the piano... Listz is so hard to play though... TTATT

how do you pronounce Liebestraume anyways...? :iconorzplz:
I know right~? :iconwhatdaplz:
Listz is giving me troubles too although I'm lefthanded ;A;

Pronouncing? Well~

"Lie" like "Listening", then "Be" like in "best". Then the "äu" in "träu", is pronounced like the "oi" in "noise" or "choice", and finally "me" like "manly" :la:
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